Alfresco Multi Folder Template Selection

If you look into the Email Form while setting an “Send Email” Action on a folder you would be wondering how we can add new email templates into the list of drop down “Use Template” as shown below -


The only option without any customization is to add your templates into the folder : Repository > Data Dictionary > Email Templates > Notify Email Templates

How does this work?

Look for the bean ‘ac-email-templates’ in alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/action-services-context.xml which has the definition as below -

The property searchPath is what restricts it from fetching templates from a single folder.

What we need to change?

Let’s bring in our changes so that we can have multiple folders to select the templates from. For this we will be overriding the bean as below -

Checkout the code for FolderContentsParameterConstraint for a better understanding of how it works.

I made this whole project as 2 step -

  1. First is bootstrapping a template under a specified path. v1.0
  2. Make the templates available for selection under Email Action. v2.0

The source code for this project lives here